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Guide to the OSU Minimum Web Accessibility Standards (M.W.A.S.).

This guide includes detailed explanations of the OSU Minimum Web Accessibility Standards. Here you will find the full text of each standard, dos and don'ts for implementing the standards, explanations for why the standards exist and how they affect users of assistive technology, and suggestions for how to incorporate the standards in your web site. Each standard also includes a "Get more help" section with a link to relevant information and code examples.

Instructions: To view the guide for a particular standard, select from the index below. To walkthrough the entire guide, begin with "1. Alternative Text," and use the "Next" buttons to move through the guide.

Guide Index
  1. Alternative Text.
  2. Synchronization.
  3. Color.
  4. Contrast.
  5. Style Sheets.
  6. Image Maps.
  7. Server-side Maps.
  1. Tables.
  2. Table Headers.
  3. Frames.
  4. Screen Flicker.
  5. Scripts.
  6. Applications and Plug-ins.
  7. Forms.
  1. Skip Navigation.
  2. Timed Response.
  3. Pop-up Windows.
  4. Link Targets.
  5. Alternate Versions.
  6. Best Practices.

Reporting Your Progress: Part of the new reporting requirements in the revised policies, use this template to track your progress in meeting the standards.

Alternate Formats.

This guide is available in a variety of alternate formats, including:

  1. Full version in html format (very long document).
  2. Full version in html printer-friendly format (uses smaller fonts for fewer pages).
  3. Full version in PDF format (also printer-friendly).
  4. PowerPoint presentation covering the policy and standards which was presented by Lori Bailey to the OSU Web Designers Group on May 11, 2004.

Also, each standard is available as a PDF document. Click on the standard page to link to its PDF version.

Standards Check List.

This guide is also available in check list form, divided by topic and cross-referenced with relevant M.W.A.S. or Best Practices.

You can download/print the check list in two formats:

  1. Check list in PDF format.
  2. Check list in Excel spreadsheet format.

Viewing Alternate Formats.

Adobe PDF iconPDF files require Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Note: PDF versions of this document may not be accessible to some assistive technology users.

Microsoft Excel logoExcel files may open in Internet Explorer without additional plug-ins. Other users may require either Microsoft Office with Excel or the free Microsoft Office Excel viewer plug-in. Note: Excel versions of this document may not be accessible to some assistive technology users.




OSU Web Accessibility Center (WAC)
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For questions or problems with this site, including incompatibility with assistive technology, email the WAC Webmaster.



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